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UPDATE of 20 August 2010.

While most of PZ Myers’ comments (in his blog post entitled “Ray Kurzweil does not understand the brain” posted on Pharyngula on August 17, 2010) do not deserve a response, I do want to set the record straight, as he completely mischaracterizes my thesis.

For starters, I said that we would be able to reverse-engineer the brain sufficiently to understand its basic principles of operation within two decades, not one decade, as Myers reports.

Phi Beta Iota: We remain skeptical but also appreciative of the endeavor proposed by Ray Kurzweil.  His rant, and the critique that inspired it, both merit reflection.  For now, we stick with Jim Bamford’s take on Technology versus the Human Brain.

The Mind and How To Build One

August 12, 2010 by Ray Kurzweil

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Worth a Look: Clay Shirky on Cognitive Surplus & Crisis Mapping

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About this talk

Clay Shirky looks at “cognitive surplus” — the shared, online work we do with our spare brain cycles. While we’re busy editing Wikipedia, posting to Ushahidi (and yes, making LOLcats), we’re building a better, more cooperative world.  TED Video of Talk.

About Clay Sharpey

Clay Shirky believes that new technologies enabling loose ­collaboration — and taking advantage of “spare” brainpower — will change the way society works.  Learn more.

Core Point: Over a trillion hours a year in cognitive surplus–Internet and media tools are shifting all of us from consumption to production.  We like to create; we like to share.  Now we can.

More From TED on The Rise of Collaboration

Recommended by Dr. Kent Myers.  His additional commentary:

This talk gets at something that could go into the proposal for Virtual Systemic Inquiry (VSI).  I need to emphasize that the VSI products have civic value.  That motivates participation, but we also need to make it a little more obvious and easy how to participate, in order that generosity can flow more readily from more people.  That’s what I was trying to get at by making projects more standardized and quick.  Software can let that flow, as Shirky says.  The process and products should probably be pretty in some way too, like IDEO (also LOL cats).

Review (Guest): Cognitive Surplus–Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age

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Recommended by Dr. Kent Myers.  Eleveated by Phi Beta Iota to 6 Stars and Beyond because this book is much more readable than Wealth of Networks and captures the essence for the general reader in a manner more likely to accelerate understanding and transformation.

5.0 out of 5 stars Recommended as THE book to understand the fundamentals of social media collaboration

June 27, 2010

Reviewed by M. McDonald

Clay Shirky captured the ethos of social media with his book Here comes everybody. He follows that book up with one that concentrates on the fundamentals of turning our cognitive surplus into value. Cognitive Surplus provides a compelling and clear description of the fundamentals of social media and collaboration as well providing principles that are guiding developments and innovation in this space.

There are many books out there that either describe the social media phenomenon or profess to provide a `recipe’ for success. Neither of these approaches can provide you with the insight needed to effectively experiment and deploy social media for the simple reason that social media is changing too fast.

The book is organized into seven chapters that outline a complete way of thinking about social media.

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Search: “the central problem of our time” Steele

About the Idea, Officers Call, Searches

Journal: Politics & Intelligence–Partners Only When Integrity is Central to Both

Robert Steele as posted 13 October 2009.  The below paragraph is cited in Kent C. Myers, Reflexive Practice: Professional Thinking for a Turbulent World (New York, NY: Palgrave McMillan, 2010); p. 86.

The central problem of our time is the failure of human organization–its failure to scale, to adapt, to assimilate.

We believe the failure stems directly from a rejection of diversity and a falsification of feedback loops–the absence of integrity.

We’ve come to the conclusion that the discord between politics and intelligence is contrived–there is no inherent opposition between politics (choice of best path for all) and intelligence (presentation of best achievable truth for all) provided ONE condition is met: integrity among the majority of individuals engaged in each.

If intelligence loses its integrity and allows itself to be politicized or worse, ignored, then intelligence fails.  Similarly, if politics loses its integrity and overplays the secrecy card while also shutting out the diversity of views that are essential to achieving a sustainable consensus, then politics fails.

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About the Idea: Dr. Kent Myers Dissects Intelligence Reformer Robert Steele

2010 PhD Author Dissects Intelligence Reformer Robert Steele [Click on Cartoon for 5 Pages]

About the Idea, Ethics, Hacking, Officers Call, Worth A Look
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As published in Kent C. Myers, Reflexive Practice: Professional Thinking for a Turbulent World (New York, NY: Palgrave McMillan, 2010); pp. 82-86.

Cartoon Credit: Inebriated Press also quoted below

My first post was on June 21, 2007: “Mad Cows Terrorize London“   For all I know they still do.

PS: Hang tough and live your beliefs.  Remember what Edmund Burke said:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Phi Beta Iota: Alvin Toffler in “The Future of the Spy” (1993) and Anthony Kimery in “Vet with a Vision” (2009) are the precursors to Dr. Myers’ definitive dissection.  Browse the many items in About the Idea for a broad overview.  The concluding quote from Steele by Myers can be found at Journal: Politics & Intelligence–Partners Only When Integrity is Central to Both as posted 13 October 2009.

Who’s Who in Earth Intelligence: Dr. Kent C. Myers

Alpha M-P, Earth Intelligence

KENT C. MYERS is a strategic management consultant to the U.S. government.

He has worked with many intelligence, military, and other
federal clients. He has a Ph.D. in Social Systems Sciences, Wharton School. Research interests include resilience strategy, inter-organizational networks and alignment, and environmental scanning.

Since 2006 he has conducted varied strategy and research tasks for the Office of Director of National Intelligence.

See his book:

Review (Preliminary): Reflexive Practice–Professional Thinking for a Turbulent World

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