Harrison Owen: YouTube (14:20) Dancing with Shiva — Chaos as the Opening Door for Collective Engagement

Phi Beta Iota: Harrison Owen, inventor of Open Space Technology, is one of our most prized mentors. His core point above is that all systems are open and self-organizing — control is a pretense.

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Harrison Owen: August Morning Reflection & Invitation…

Harrison Owen

This [ten-page] paper started as a note to myself as I sought to explore the disparity between my home here in Maine, the forest, lake, and loons…and the rushing maelstrom of the world about me that showed up in the instant on my computer screen.

Call it anxiety adjustment, therapy, or just an attempt to make some sense out of thing.

Perhaps it should have remained in that personal, private compartment, but I also felt the need to share, and so I have.  You have to decide the wisdom of that decision.




August Morning: A time for Reflection and an Invitation…